Cervantes Energy

The board of Cervantes continues to believe that the Gold and Energy sectors are growth areas in the coming near term, and when Cervantes is offered opportunities in those sectors, providing we continue to comply with the ASX guidelines, we will give such opportunities serious consideration.

One such opportunity was recently offered to the Board of Cervantes, which involved providing financial assistance to a listed but suspended Oil & Gas company, Baraka Petroleum Ltd (ASX:BKP).

This opportunity was finalised & Baraka re-listed on the ASX with substantial profits provided to Cervantes shareholders who participated.

Cervantes board saw this as an opportunity to not only earn a reward for Cervantes shareholders by providing financial assistance, but provide a priority investment opportunity to Cervantes shareholders if they elected to take advantage of it, in the Oil & Gas (Energy) sector directly.

Cervantes Corp. also earned 25,000,000 shares in Baraka for the benefit of their shareholders. Also refer to the investment division.

The board of Cervantes will continue to seek these and other opportunities to add value to Cervantes shares and the opportunity for direct priority investment for Cervantes Shareholders.