Cervantes Investment Division

Cervantes maintains high liquidity and cash reserves in the event that an opportunity arises in any given field within its sector, but also recognises its responsibility to maximise the cash reserves it has on behalf of its shareholders.

The board of Cervantes provides the MD with the investment decisions in relation to limited funds for investment in Blue chip shares and other investments which can earn Cervantes shareholders greater returns than leaving it on deposit with the Banks in a declining interest rate environment. Cervantes continues to seek out opportunities where the risk reward ratio is in favour of Cervantes shareholders and the downside risk is mostly limited.

Cervantes also earned 25,000,000 Baraka Energy & Resources Ltd (previously Baraka Petroleum Ltd) shares for financial assistance together with 5,000,000 J.V. Global Ltd shares for providing them with financial support both of which have been publicly announced. These have been added to the Cervantes investment portfolio